At Guild Foods Market, we are constantly looking to develop our offering to our Guildford customers. We already have a broad range of services under our roof: a butcher, bakery, florist and more. Now, we are expanding the Guild Foods Market to include a convenience store and provide even more variety and depth of selection to our customer. And for that, we are looking for dedicated workers! Start your grocery store career at Guild Foods Market!


Vacancies in Guildford

We at Guild Foods Market take pride in servicing our community. That’s why we make sure to employ as much local talent as we can, and our grocery store careers offer a wide range of opportunities for a broad selection of skillsets. We are constantly on the lookout for budding and enthusiastic new colleagues, and welcome any open solicitation. Get in touch with us using the contact details below. We will be happy to entertain solicitations of any kind, and have a variety of vacancies open. Contact us today to start your grocery store career at Guildford’s Guild Foods Market!


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