Guild Foods Market is proud to stock a wide and deep assortment of food. We understand the demanding state of the current working culture – sometimes you don’t have the time to have the extended, luxurious breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack you deserve and you are forced to take a quick meal on the go. At Guild Foods Market, we are acutely aware of this, which is why we make sure to have a broad range of dishes and items to go available. We are stocked to the brim with pasties, freshly smeared baguettes and of course brand name confections, granola bars and sweets. Food on the move!


Grab & Go

Tuck into some of Guildford’s finest foods at our long-running independent shop in the beating heart of the city. Whether you are in the mood for fresh, healthy salads, our exciting pastry fare or a nutritious granola bar, you’ll find it all at Guild Foods Market. Our selection is conveniently arranged, organised and located – everything you could possibly want for foot to go at your fingertips. Just grab and go!


Broad Variety of Food to Go

At Guild Foods Market, we make sure to stock globally recognisable brand name foods and snacks, as well as a range of locally sourced and made meals. We pride ourselves as a pillar of the Guildford community, and are very conscious of striking a good balance between Guildford-sourced foods and international brands. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got it to go!


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